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Sorry about this, gonna rant a bit about the current continuing SFWA sausagefest, ignore if you quite rightly don't want to have to read anything about this shit, because there's basically nothing new if you've been anywhere near a misogynistic sub-culture, and you have if you've ever been near a sub-culture.


Anyway, the story so far for those who are morbidly curious but know better than to dive into any of this for sensible reasons:

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Who looks at hallucinogenic lipstick and doesn't think "this needs to be more sonic?"

The goddamn River Song, that's who.

spoilers below.

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well that was over surprisingly quickly - best episode yet, but I needs MOAR! Will be very interested to see how Moffat handles the opening of the next episode seeing as how RTD's run largely involved sudden Agatha Christie style deus ex machina being used to quickly deal with the cliffhangers - will moffatiem be different? Need to watch it again to allow the slashgoggles get a proper bead on amy/river as well.

A very good episode, chills that multiplied, characterisation was very good, plot holes minimal (so far) and well placed lulz - nothing to really go against this show at all.

So next week will suck! /fannish optimism
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Amelia Pond and River Song are going to be in an episode together today.

Amelia + River.


I'm looking at you femslashers, and have certain expectations of you all.

Don't let me down.
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It was an okay episode, the impression that the series was required by higher ups to bring the daleks back in a shiny new toy-friendly form is left upon the mind of the viewer, but it's not a bad episode per se - if this is the worst that moffatiem has in store for us, then this season will still be made of awesome - though if this is one of the better episodes we're screwed. The trouble is that the companions and everyone else actually kind of get pushed to the side, and technobabble, mcguffins and CGI set peices that don't involve a great deal of interaction with the actual cast are the focus of the episode, and the daleks failed to inspire fear, loathing or hatred, they acted mainly out of self defence or due to them not really grasping that earth didn't have ICBMs or nukes yet, and thus the human race might survive a single bombing raid focused on london - lots of stuff was like that and you get the impression very much that it was an attempt at putting 2 gallons of tension in a 1 gallon episode, and lots of things spilling over and not really doing anything or fitting and the rationales for them not really making any sense. Lots of stuff just seemed to happen and occur, and dramatically that doesn't really work. But the bits that did work? Those worked HARD.

non-white character deaths for this entire season = 1, total deaths for this season = 5, so the COC/White Character death ratio is 1:4, a better than average ratio actually (a practically unheard of one actually). Cue the dailyfail declaring reverse racism.
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[personal profile] pocketmouse has a theory.

It isn't midgets. One might even say it is the sideverse of midgets.

It is definately spoilery for The Beast Below.
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Personal update: trying to get some fics together, I accidentally had to wipe and reinstall my computer after getting into Glasgow, so all my work on my novel are gone, as are my CV, some old course work, the first 6 parts of the DW/TW fanfic I was working on, and the Other original story that I'd gotten half through, and am feeling wiped out from all the hilly walking Glasgow, and the Uni, is requiring of me (I don't think I ever needed to use an elevator while in somerset, but Glasgow Uni apparently had all their buildings designed by physical-disabilities-hating-people - every building is found at the top of a steep hill, the streets are narrow and poorly cobbled, curbs are high, the graduate flats have no elevators and I'm on the fifth floor, and all the good labs are generally between 5 and 10 floors above ground, and you generally have to ascend stairs to get into buildings, because the ground floor is only at ground level on one side of the building).

The views are awesome though - there's a view from the Boyd Orr building, where the Bio department hangs out, where you can see clean all the way past the edge of the city, to the distant misty hills with their Macross Plus style arrangment of windfarms. And hardly any cameras!!!

It's not a bad city as cities go. In fact, I think I'll keep it.
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In about 4 hours I shall be off to Bristol, England airport to catch a flight to Glasgow, Scotland

On the 11th of September.


On The 11th of September.



On the plus side I get to sign off with "and if this width is never expanded (that is to say, if this journal has no more posts added to it in future) it is because I exploded."

Maybe I should un-me-lock that crackfic I dropped on Ellis' blog. Nah, last thing I need is to dread surviving the trip.

The upside to not surviving for the rest of you is that I shall not be able to take up Elf's demand for a Titanic/Iceberg crackfic.

If this Width is never expanded, it is because I exploded. G'night.
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I need to say something about the micropenis thing.

First and most importantly the medical condition known as a micropenis is not a "deformity" DDDDX - it's generally a developmental condition, which means that when the penis and male gonads develop during puberty the penis' length does not increase noticably in the way that it usually does for the average man, while the rest of the body does grow. A micropenis then is natural and normal by any sensible definition of such terms, in a way that, say, body peircings aren't. A micropenis is not a thing to be ashamed about really.

And the next thing that should be said is that there was three very good reasons for putting it in there;
This is not just another long numbered list in which I grammar badly, I swear! )
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Intelligent and thoughtful post by sohotrightnow Which required a substantial post to reply to

The bit that caught my eye:
Here is the thing: I am fully okay with exposing what bullshit the SurveyFail dudes were pulling. Sai and Ogi were, imo, condescending jerks who were using bad science and terrible data-gathering methods to try and prove that their sexist "findings" were right and to generally treat women's sexuality like it is something shocking and alien. This is really offensive to me.

To put it in the most blunt and flamey terms possible: you clearly have not fully understood what they actually did.

let me unpack this for you and other people who are not getting it:

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Title: "In Fandom, slashfic writers poll you"
Author: Fridgepunk
Fandom: Cognitive Neuroscience Fanfiction Survey.
Pairing: Dr. Ogi Ogas/Dr. Sai Gaddam, of boston university.
Rating: 18. NC-17. Adult.
Subsidiary fandom: n/a
Category: Real-person slash, for great justice
Length: 4380 characters
Warning: This fiction uses technical medical terms in the midst of overly florid smexy!adjectives, but at least Sai only has the one penis in this version. also; heavy (but tasteful) use of popculture injokes.
Disclaimer: I would need to see Ogi Ogas' penis for special journalistic reasons before I could take any claim or slanderous accusation that the people represented herein are in fact the people represented herein at all seriously.
Acknowledgments: my puny female brain chemistry acknowledges only a neurological imperative to slash!
Intros round: 3,2,1 let's jam!

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