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..And that's me never ever again voting for a libdem.

ETA: just heard some goatfucking shitstain come out with the statement "well [toryfuckhead who's name I don't really care about] is a libertarian, so the liberals will like him." NO WE WON'T, NUH UH.

They then went on to praise the Plucked Tellytubby on being as politically "shrewd as Boris Johnson", so either this idiot needs to get some fucking sleep or needs their toy microphone taken away from them until they grow up.

What the fucking hell!?

ETA 2: THE OMGWUTNAOWING: William Haige, is foreign secretary, Clegg as Deputy PM and Cameron as PM... ffs, we've got two plucked and waxed teletubbies and the baby in the fucking sun - this isn't a government; it's surrealist internet pornography! I half expect people in guy fawkes masks to come along during cameron's speech and fit him with a giant pair of tits and a futacock, as per ancient 4chan tradition. WHAT THE FUCKING HELL!? Where the hell did Haige come from!? he was reasonably okay when he was doing his stupid history programs on the BBC and being all with the Opik style "haha, I really lost that election hard didn't I?" jokes, but no you fucking giant baby in a suit, gtfo and diaf, you lost, no creeping back into government just because morph's albino friend there has managed to lose slightly less well than you did. Fuck and polish the top of your head some more.
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Basically Clegg is a bit of a size queen, and so said that the party with the largest number of seats should get the right to try to form a government first.

Brown then said "Hey baby, it's okay if you don't want to be exclusive, we're okay with keeping it loose and free! But when you get fed up with the little Cam-man's small and limp offers and you want some large and substantial concessions that are hot and ready for a coalition with you, we'll still be here."

the Cam-man then came out, all bedecked in his ironic gold medallions and his brightly coloured tracksuit, and told Clegg; "Hey sweet thang, can I buy you a drink? I'm ready to go All. Night. Long. to make this thing between the two of us work, mmm mmm, oh yeah. What's your sign baby? Mine's the same, see; we have so much in common already, you ever been to that one really fancy vegan restaurant uptown? No? Want to? You like fine champagne? This is made from freerange grapes, because I care about the environment. Let me just move my organic tofu condom here as I get out my wallet - that's pleather by the way, yeah stroke it, you know you want to - Oh yeah, I'm all about financial responsibility baby, these medallions? 24 carat baby. Don't judge me by it though; I all about restraint, yeah baby, how do you feel about being tied up? A little powerplaying? Though you know, I ain't like the Brownie, and I know this ain't usually your thing, but do you wanna fill up some places in my cabinet, if you know what I mean? Oh fine sure, if your constituents and party needs you it's okay if you go, you got my number right? I'll be waiting for you, but don't take too long deciding, this is a limited offer, first come; first served ifyouknowwhatImean."
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Currently listening to BBC RADIO 5 live's bestest election program, which I am calling "a bunch of people argue with each other in the student's union at the university of Liverpool", but which the BBC is calling "General Election 2010" for reasons that baffle me.

It's V. Entertaining tho.

I am laughing quite hard (SetLaughmode="bitter","sarcastic") at the automatic defaulting to miserablism from my fellow countrypeople - except for the tories of course, who are declaring victory for themselves despite LOSING like motherfuckers, sure they did better than 2005, but for those who are forgetting (or are, like Obama and Clegg, intrinsically and irrevocably Foreign) they did appallingly bad in 2005, they swapped out their leader mid-election like panicking pokémon trainers for god's sake, and they've gotten a result barely better than 2005 with an almost unheard of voter turnout and electoral boundary changes that favoured them quite heavily in areas where the anti-tory voters were split between labour and libdems as the boundary changes munged up tactical voting among that demographics.

So, regardless of what the cons say, this is another election that rejects the Cons, and just because the Labradors got rejected harder, well fuck, that ain't how winning works in this case.

Word of advice though: Ignore the shenanigans going on with the markets - remember that the markets' primary response to the subprime thing was to jump on a chair and scream like a Skiffy damsel from the 50's who'd seen a mouse, oh are the markets going through a period of spasmodic twitching? Must be a day ending in fucking "y".

No BNP MP, a Green MP, the LibDems DID increase their vote share, the bounce was there but was flattened out by tactical voting and the First Past The Post system IMHO, but it was there if you look at how less badly the libdems lost in areas where they did lose.

And we got a 70% turnouts all over the place! 70%! ffs, I stopped listening to the Now Show when it started doing the classic joke about how we're all crap at democracy because of the low turn outs during the last lot of MEP elections (and I stopped listening because they compared it to the Iranian election, when one of the fishy elements to the iranian election was a suspiciously high turnout because the usual turnout in Iran had been a lot lower in previous elections - jokes have to be true to be funny in my book) and now look at us! 70%!

As I have mentioned elsewhere I am having Democragasms!

Now what matters is how and whether Clegg goes to Labour, gets his major polices implemented, and a Labia Majora alliance is hashed out, and how THAT turns out and unfolds with the independent parties.

Or whether he tries to suicide bomb the tories by getting them to push through Clegg's policies depite them being opposed by the ENTIRE tory party and we end up with Zombie Whigs or something having to be put to the task of playing the opposition to Labour.

Hannah, can you hear me? Wherever you are, look up, Hannah. The clouds are lifting. The sun is breaking through. We are coming out of the darkness into the light. We are coming into a new world, a kindlier world, where men will rise above their hate, their greed and brutality. Look up, Hannah. The soul of man has been given wings, and at last he is beginning to fly. He is flying into the rainbow—into the light of hope, into the future, the glorious future that belongs to you, to me, and to all of us. Look up, Hannah. Look up.

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