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Title: "In Fandom, slashfic writers poll you"
Author: Fridgepunk
Fandom: Cognitive Neuroscience Fanfiction Survey.
Pairing: Dr. Ogi Ogas/Dr. Sai Gaddam, of boston university.
Rating: 18. NC-17. Adult.
Subsidiary fandom: n/a
Category: Real-person slash, for great justice
Length: 4380 characters
Warning: This fiction uses technical medical terms in the midst of overly florid smexy!adjectives, but at least Sai only has the one penis in this version. also; heavy (but tasteful) use of popculture injokes.
Disclaimer: I would need to see Ogi Ogas' penis for special journalistic reasons before I could take any claim or slanderous accusation that the people represented herein are in fact the people represented herein at all seriously.
Acknowledgments: my puny female brain chemistry acknowledges only a neurological imperative to slash!
Intros round: 3,2,1 let's jam!

Dr. Ogi Ogas sat back in his computer chair and, taking off his glasses, rubbed his eyes.

"These people are crazy." He said to himself, in disbelief at the internets full of angry hordes of mean fangirls who were like those girls he'd gone to high school with.

From behind him Dr. Sai Chaitanya Gaddam came up and leaning his broad and strangely hairless chest up against the back of Ogi's head, Sai began to massage Ogi's shoulders with his broad manly hands.

Ogi closed his eyes and leaned back further in his chair, relishing the feeling.

"mmm, that's so good - your hands are so good." With that Ogi grabbed one of Sai's arms and craned his head up so he could look up at Sai.

Sai stopped his massage and looked down at Ogi with a look of huge throbbing love in his big brown eyes. Sai leaned in and before Ogi knew what was happening Sai's lips were planted on his, and an eye blink after that he felt Sai's tongue slip into his mouth. Overcome by the kiss, Ogi kissed back, his tongue dancing and prancing with Sai's in a pink and sticky oral waltz of love. amid this, Sai's free hand reached down under the collar of Ogi's shirt and felt up Ogi's chest. Those big hands trailed lazy circles over Ogi's nipples as the kiss continued.

Eventually however their lungs were aching for air, and Ogi's neck was beginning to ache from the position, so Ogi broke out of the kiss and began to unbutton his shirt with haste.

"Oh Sai!" Ogi panted out, in between hard and deep breaths.

"oh Heathcli- I mean Ogi." Sai replied in a deep but controlled rumble, hoping that Ogi hadn't noticed his Wuthering Heights (Sai's favorite book!) based slip up.

Sai then retracted his hands from Ogi's body and walked around Ogi's chair until he stood before Ogi. Once there he ripped off his shirt in a single manly motion, making Ogi flinch as a button wizzed past his ear, and then knelt down before Ogi and undid his trousers, and then, with Ogi's participation, slipped them off and down to Ogi's ankles revealing Ogi's stiff micropenis.

Ogi's face blushed in embarassment and some shame as Sai took in the sight of his tiny manhood. But then to Ogi's surprise Sai just looked up at him and smiled.

"it's not... it's not too small?" Ogi asked shyly.

"If its yours, it'll be a mouthful." Sai huskily replied, smiling and beginning to lick and groping Ogi's area.

Ogi rocked back in extasy, waves of pleasure rolling over his body as he held and stroked Sai's head while Sai flicked his tongue over the head of Ogi's micropenis and cupped his balls with a hand while the other snuck around Ogi's body and teased Ogi's sphincter with a playful finger.

Eventually Ogi came, a little spurt that landed mostly in Sai's hair, and he was done. Sai then got up and took off his own trousers to reveal his averaged sized, but proudly erect, member jutting outward. He then reached into a nearby desk and grabbed a bundle of cloth. With that Sai grabbed Ogi's hand and pulled him to his feet.

"Now it's my turn" Sai said with a smile as he led Ogi to the bedroom, the swish and gyrations of Sai's perk buttocks bringing Ogi to his full hardeness again.

Once into the bedroom, Sai took the peices of cloth he'd picked up earlier and put on his wizard hat and cloak, and pushed Ogi onto the bed before snuggling down to Ogi's rear, kissing Ogi's neck and nibbling on his ear. Ogi squirmed, grinding his buttocks into Sai's crotch while grabbing Sai's arse and pulling him closer. Finally Sai slipped his throbbing man fruit into Ogi's backstage flower, with no lubricant but their love for each other, and that was all they needed.

And with a hearty grunt Sai began pumping Ogi with the full force of their passion.

Waves of extasy rolled across their bodies, Sai's free hand fondling Ogi's genitals even as he cramemd his meat into Ogi's rear. They rolled around on the bed, Sai's wizard robe tangling them up, cacooning them within their hot sweaty lust as Sai increased the tempo of their passion.

Ogi and sai quivered all over, together, as they both came at the exactly the same moment (±0.5 seconds), Sai's sticky white gender essentiality coating Ogi's insides.

Exhausted and panting they curled up with Sai's wizard robe, and the two slept like that until the morning.

At 3:18am Sai muttered "oh heathcliff" in his sleep, and Ogi pretended not to hear. But that's a different story.

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Finally Sai slipped his throbbing man fruit into Ogi's backstage flower, with no lubricant but their love for each other, and that was all they needed.


OMG, thank you! I was bummed because I didn't make it through the entire piece before inadvertently refreshing the page and losing everything. You really are made of win!

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