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Who looks at hallucinogenic lipstick and doesn't think "this needs to be more sonic?"

The goddamn River Song, that's who.

spoilers below.

I love the still cunning intersplicing of pastyfuture/present (or diachronic/prochronic, to use Gosse's surprisingly useful terminology) events in this with the homebox and River's message to the Doctor - time travel premises need some of that, where the notion of instaneousness and the "present" are shown to be non-singular in nature.

Okay so he needs to be on time and will he? Surprisingly, yes.

So wait she can write gallifreyan?

"hu-hweee, hu-hweee" epic lol

I have no idea how the chronology for this entire relationship works anymore - that's how you know it's REALLY Doctor Who, if the chronology makes any sense then its just fanfiction.

"There's a thing in the belly of that ship, a thing that can never die." Jack?

Why not blow our way through the top of the catacombs and start at the end?

Pond does what every viewer who has seen Blink would do, which is blink only one eye at a time. oh lol.

YAY POND. Amy "Companion McAwesome" Pond.

HUG RIVER AMY. HUG HER! (femslash count: 1)

Ooo, and yet the doctor has to be not pissed off at her in the future, so she's being coerced into the as yet unknown bad things yes? Or it's just very complex?

The geology of this place confuses me. clearly there must be an underground river or something on the very top floor for all that water to be trickling down from, and it must have been there before the ship crashed due to the weathering on the walls and angels looking like the combination of calcium deposits by water and mechanical erosion from the flow of water and particles within it.

Oh dear, a minor non-white character with a speaking role but NO NAME, how doomed are you little man?

bodycount for the series = 8

so bob's not dying.

Hullo, a body?

Ah, oh fuck it's an angel graveyard. Nice reveal though.

Bob is in fact dead (BC = 9)

"Do I look that clingy?"

Oh noes! he bit her! She's going to turn into a weretimelord! Hopefully this time the doctor won't need to resort to mindflaying her afterwards.

Yay! I like that speech. So not iconable though.


well that was over surprisingly quickly - best episode yet, but I needs MOAR! Will be very interested to see how Moffat handles the opening of the next episode seeing as how RTD's run largely involved sudden Agatha Christie style deus ex machina being used to quickly deal with the cliffhangers - will moffatiem be different? Need to watch it again to allow the slashgoggles get a proper bead on amy/river as well.

A very good episode, chills that multiplied, characterisation was very good, plot holes minimal (so far) and well placed lulz - nothing to really go against this show at all.

So next week will suck! /fannish optimism

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