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General election seems to be about a year away, judging by the sudden Tory propaganda shoved through the letter-box titled "Family voice". Which is bumf about how the "Conservatives" (not the coalition) are "protecting you and your family", where your family is represented as you'd expect from an eight page A4 party political leaflet on behalf of the tories by the whitest couple on earth and their two creepy golem-faced children.

Of course, because technically a general election has not been scheduled, the back does not contain propaganda, but a quiz on the phonetic alphabet and a little "Chatroom safety" list, as camoflage to decieve the stupid into thinking it is some sort of official leaflet, despite the noticable lack of official attributation any where in or on the horrible thing.

But despite that, you don't have to be a rocket surgeon to tell it's Tory propaganda because, despite the current government being a coalition and many of the things touted in this pamphlet being things that only made it through government due to the coalition agreement (the criminalisation of stalking – which is touted by this thing as one of "10 Conservative policies to protect your family" I kid you not – wasn't even a lib dem policy, it was a EU treaty thing that the lib dems merely approved of and the tories opposed – unsurprising really given that its actual passing into law led to all the newspapers going on a "Political Correctness Gone Myaaaad!!!" binge and Tory back benchers mumbling feircely about the injustice of it all, as it would clearly criminalise wolf whistling and verbally abusing strangers! oh noes.)

There is also an alleged "interview" with Home Secretary Theresa May, who is pictured with an expression of "I have just farted on Clegg's biscuits"-grade smugness and is asked such hard hitting questions as "Q: You are also reforming police pay, how will this improve the service the police provide?" And as is mandatory for any bit of tory advertising bumf (like PMQs), there is a pre-amble to the "interview" that mentions, can you guess? Why yes; "Given the financial mess that Labour left the country in..."

So yeah, as with the AV referendum, which as the keen eyed folk will remember began, several weeks before it was clear there was going to be an AV referendum, with the No to AV campaign releasing billboards all over the show as the tories used being in government as a way to do the political equivalent of insider trading.

Which means a general election is impending, oh goody. Everything is, was, and shall now be proclaimed to be Labour's fault (to quote Pinky Pie) FOOOOOOOOOOOOOREVEEEEEERRRRRRRR!
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Ben Brown: "But did you say anything or throw anything that might have made the police view you as a threat?"

Jodi McIntyre: "Do you really think that a person with cerebral palsy in a wheelchair could pose a threat to police who are armed and armoured?"

Seriously, the BBC asked a person who had explicitly already mentioned that he cannot move his own wheel chair if he threw something at police, and suggested that he might have been "rolling towards" the policeline, which is about a hundred yards away, and therefore have seemed like a threat that justified being dragged across concrete.

Of note is that if you watch the larger video over at the BBC, watch at 00:28, where you can see one of the police officers who attacked Jodi being pulled away by his jacket by other police officers in the classic "leave him terry he's not worth it!" motion generally reserved for the mates of drunk idiots who've started a fight in a pub.

Ben Brown is of course the reporter who asked protesters on thursday "why are you starting fires? What does that achieve?" to which multiple protesters had to try to explain the concept of it being cold, in parliament square on an unusually cold december evening.

There is at least one petition going round asking for Ben Brown to apologise for his disgraceful behaviour, though emails and phone calls to the BBC would also be nice.
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So the tax payer funded couple who's tax payer funded wedding saw protesters standing outside the chapel and booing them, came faced to face with the dick-head children of Pink Floyd last thursday, who chanted "off with their heads!" at the couple, as the couple were driven by a tax payer funded driver on the way to a show that they paid for with tax payer money, all of which led to these wonderful paragraphs fronting this BBC article:

Home Secretary Theresa May has confirmed there was "contact" between the Duchess of Cornwall and one of the protesters who attacked her car.

But she did not confirm reports the duchess was poked with a stick during student protests on Thursday.
Theresa May can neither confirm or deny pokings with sticks, will admit to "contact". Right.

All of which actually sounds dirtier than a straight stick poking imho.

And with talk in the media about how close the royal guard came to doing the world a favour and shooting the dick-head children of pink floyd, we find out that the police are quite willing to threaten to shoot twelve year olds who talk on facebook about staging a peaceful protest outside Clameron's offices:

Speaking to the Guardian, Nicky Wishart said: "In my lesson, [a school secretary] came and said my head of year wanted to talk to me. She was in her office with a police officer who wanted to talk to me about the protest. He said, 'if a riot breaks out we will arrest people and if anything happens you will get arrested because you are the organiser'.

"He said even if I didn't turn up I would be arrested and he also said that if David Cameron was in, his armed officers will be there 'so if anything out of line happens ...' and then he stopped."

The Police want to protect your children... from the police.

Speaking of protests against hte government, you've probably already heard about Alfie Meadows, who was hit so hard on the head by police, who'd instigated a pre-emptive kettle of protesters the moment they entered parliament square last thursday, that he suffered a mild stroke and was taken to the nearest hospital where he received treatment fast enough to avoid any lasting injury.

Well the police objected to him being treated and tried to send him to another hospital because the Mole-People that the MET recruits from are very territorial (hence why they smell of piss – the instinct to mark their territory clashes horribly with their difficulties in grasping the concept of "trousers"), which could have conceivably killed Alfie and definitely would have left him severely paralyzed for the rest of his life:

Susan Matthews, 55, said that only the intervention of an ambulance worker allowed her son to receive urgent medical treatment for the stroke he suffered after receiving his injury. "If he hadn't, Alfie would have been transferred and he could have died," she said.

After allegedly being hit by police, the philosophy student fell unconscious and later sustained bleeding on the brain.

His mother added: "The ambulance man took us to Chelsea and Westminster hospital. That [hospital] had been given over to police injuries and there was a standoff in the corridor. Alfie was obviously a protester and the police didn't want him there, but the ambulance man insisted that he stayed."

She said that he was then asked to take Alfie to another hospital. "The ambulance man was appalled and he said: 'I'm getting angry now, and I'm not going to do this.'

"The senior nurse in charge took us into a resuscitation room to keep us away from the police because, she said, they were finding it upsetting to see protesters in the hospital."

This comes on the tail of multiple reports of the police assaulting an Activist/Journalist PWD, Laurie Penny's account being the most concise and vivid:Cut for violence against PWD )
Of course it'll be easy to find the MET bastards responsible for all this violence because they will all have been wearing their badges and officer numbers prominently, especially after the shambles that was the last G20 summit in London that saw an illegally unbadged police officer kill a person, right?

Of course not.

This is what Clegg and Clameron's concept of "fairness" looks like, a concept of fairness that has, in the few months they've had this piss take of a government in operation, driven people to thwarting every measure the police use to stop them from voicing their protests against this abuse of their votes and their futures, and who have responded to being unlawfully detained in ice cold conditions while being intermittently assaulted by police officers by smashing up the buildings and property that their tax monies have bought.

This is far from over, and from here the heat increases for these bullington club bastards who are keeping the terror state that New Labour built and smashing the society that even New Labour didn't try to destroy this thoroughly, and making New Labour look competent and respectful of law, order and human rights in the process.
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2.33m mixed unemployed
1 large onion (thinly sliced)
1 tbsp. flour
1 arse of lipless pasty upperclassman
2 puckered lips
1/2 tsp. salt
1/2 tbsp. lemon juice
1/3 indivisible coalition (gently mashed)
£670m university budgets cuts
1 public coffers (drained)
£6b can of vodaphone brand piss
1 fresh duck island


Welding lips to arse of upperclassman, take mixed unemployed and place them into a bowl where you can seperate "undeserving" poor from "deserving" poor using every more convoluted metrics that mark more and more of the "deserving" poor as "undeserving", and keep throwing away the "undeserving" poor until no unemployed are left in bowl. Add flour, salt and lemon juice to empty bowl, and add in 1/3 of an indivisble coalition; using end of rolling pin, proceed to lightly mash until a gloopy white paste that does harm to the downtrodden and enriches the already wealthy is produced.

Then, using the duck island, drain public coffers and, taking the piss, add both into a bowl with university budget cuts, stirring until mix tastes especially sour.

Stir both mixtures into preheated frying pan until a charred and unappetising mess is produced that sets off fire alarms and causes passing birds to fall out of the sky from the smell. Thinly slice onion until tears are produced as you explain how you totally didn't want to make this particular meal, but you felt the meal had to be made anyway precisely because no one wanting the results. Blame things you are currently doing on the past labour government, despite the fact that you're making the labour party's time in office look good by comparison.

Slice onions and cry and snivel as you push women and minorities under passing buses until people stop asking you to explain how anything you just said is supposed to make sense.
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Let's start off with the "funny because it's wut": FOXnews thinks that mister rogers is evil.

Why would you sit down and decide that "mister rogers is evil" is a concept that you'd need to promote? No evil campaign to rule the world could possibly hinge on such bullshit surely? So clearly this is some sidequest shit FOX is doing to get some special bragging rights trophy or something because... No wait, FOXnews IS the evil sidequest, n/m.

Across the pond from the condems, if you've read this news and thought that the name "Experian", a firm that has apparently was familiar, then it's probably because you've been reading Slacktivist recently, so a firm that is known to count credit problems acquired due to identity fraud against debtors, and this company is presumably going to be setting the standards for what constitutes "spending too much" themselves and more importantly doesn't actually track the sort of cash-in-hand work that actual benefit frauds use to cheat so... useless AND evil, even if it didn't take several thousand benefit frauds to equal the cost of a single MP's moat and so the entire "cracking down on benefit fraud" thing wasn't explicitly a method of avoiding dealing with the massive drain on the budget that is governmental corruption, Trident and the immigration/security theatre.

So, Doom.


HOLY SHIT it's Black Jack, both free AND legal to watch at Though heed me well; This is the hardest of hardcore crack, with the disney inspired art style of Osamu Tezuka you almost become lulled into the false sense of cutesiness... but then a mother and child are severely injured by an unexploded bomb left over from ww2. Because This. Is. Black Jack!!!!! In which "the genius surgeon who the world has been waiting for" (from the title sequence... IDEK), who had his doctoring license revoked by... Dr. Hitler?.. huh, okay, and now goes around dressed like bela legosi's dracula and grooms an underage girl to be his wife in his island cabin recluse. Note that the underaged girl is the most horrifying looking thing I have ever seen ever in any circumstance. Oh, and apparently if you get into a traffic accident in japan, the standard procedure appears to be to just amputate any and all limbs that may have been injured during the accident.

Yeah, I'll stick with the NHS thankyouverymuch *plans never to go anywhere near japan*

It's worth a watch, if only for the epic LOLWUT moments (which are even better if you've ever watched the UK hospital drama Casualty). But it's also interesting that it's treatment of disability and physical and medical frailty is quite beautiful and not that faily, even if at one point a boy who's had his arm amputated attempts to run away from his own prosphetic arm despite it still being attached to the rest of him, and the show never deals with a mobility disability that isn't temporary with sufficient physiotherapy.

But MAAAAAN, is pinoko a horrific thing.


But while I'm pointing you at's free & legal anime, I'd like to also point to the "likeable because it's genuinely good" short 6 episode series Days of Eve, a beautiful musing on personality and free will via Asimov's three laws of robotics - the world it introduces is interesting, the art and cinematography is brilliant, and the characters draw you into the world very quickly.

I hope hope hope a second series is made. If you like Sci-Fi, and you don't need the talking squids, ray guns and spaceships then this is worth a look. It's got little or nothing in the way of action... well watch it anyway if you have time, I think it's worth it.

I foolishly watched Days of Eve and am now going through Black Jack... So yeah, I'm going to need to rewatch Days of Eve after I finish to cleanse my poor abused brain.

I am NOT watching episode 3 of sherlock, though Whatistigerbalm's statement that Moriarty turns out to be "like an unholy child of a real villain and a villain out of Father Ted" does tempt me something rotten.

And finally, for those people who don't watch stuff because most of the stuff by male contributors (Linkara not withstanding) tends to sound like someone put the scripts through a filter that inserted homophobic, misogynistic and transphobic slurs randomly throughout (NostalgiaChick, especially the ShowGirls two parter, Dena Nateli's stuff, ThatGirlInTheGoggles and Little Miss Gamer are quite different on that front obviously) There is a newish one that isn't like that which is currently affiliated with ExtremeNetworkOnline and has the best concept ever for what is essentially another rip off of Nostalgia Critic's Vlog-Movie-Reviews format. The twist is that while most such endeavours go for the horrible and mainstream movies, Brows Held High is aiming at the more "sophisticated" and arthouse of movies - all of which so far contain MASSIVE quantities of nudity and sex (with the adaption of W.S.'s The Tempest being the worst on that front for some reason)... which is then hilariously censored using images of synonyms for whatever being censored (for instance the scene in Antichrist when whatshisname ejaculates blood is rendered with a picture of a rooster who's head becomes more and more covered in red for instance). Worth a looksee imho.
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ANOTHER ELECTION POST! Ignore as appropriate.

bascially I found the full text of Clameron's ConDem pact, which can be found here (WARNING: .Doc file), and it's...

Understand that when I said all those nice things about the libdems I was under the misapprehension that Clegg wasn't completely stupid, you see I am good at empathy, and when dealing with people at behavioural level I can make, generally what I find to be quite good predictions, with an accuracy rate that is statistically quite significant.

However, there's some people, some groups that I can't empathise with - I just can't get into their heads, I can't understand where they're coming from, and my predictions are less than useless because the predictions make assumptions that the people I'm trying to second guess have something akin to a reasoning mind, and attempt to model that reasoning mind wrt how it handles inputs from its surrounding environment, and while these sorts of people may have rational minds, they've generally buried them beneath such a deep layer of superstition, privelage and utter utter driveling nonsense that any attempt to model their behaviour that tries to incorporate a level of cognition into the model will end up going off in a completely sensible, completely reasonable looking, and completely WRONG direction. Because ultimately rational thought is not at all apparent in their behaviour nor does it apply to how they make decisions, because they don't think, they know, and they don't need to go beyond what they know to actually evaluate individual situations in an attempt to formulate a rational and sensible response to new situations because they know. And you'd have to know precisely what daft nonsense they were learnt at some earlier point to even begin to guess how these learnings have mutated and are actually informing their behaviour, and you'd have to know all that to a degree of detail that is often impossible to do under idle conditions and this renders attempts to predict their behaviour next to impossible.

Basically what I'm saying is that Nick Clegg is a libertarian. As are his libdem pals in the tory cabinet.

Because that's basically what's in the pact; concessions to a libertarian concept of economics and society, while everything else, STV, trident, amnesty for illegalised peoples, all that is gone. To be fair, ultimately, what most of the pact contains is just utter nonsense, because once you eradicate the non-binding weasel words and "we'll think, then do nothing, about this"s or "we'll work out how to square that horrible oxymoron of a circle later"s what you're actually left with is fuck all. But what is there... But it's big, and it's written in political moon speech, and so needs translation.

Well my original plan for this was to do one big ass post for this, but I didn't realise how big the fucking thing is (and I need to research something harder) so I'm breaking this into at least two parts and doing them in bits.

Below the cut is the beginning of the translation of the pact into english.
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