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Title: My Little Dalek.
Author: Fridgepunk
Fandom: Doctor Who/New Who
Pairing: Daleks/Pepper-Pot-Fascism
Rating: U or Gen
Subsidiary fandom: My Little Pony
Category: Crackfic/drabble
Length: 1248 characters
Disclaimer: I do not own the legal rights to The Daleks, nor to My Little Pony, nor do I make any claim to infringe on the copyrights, trademarks or legal ownership of said franchises. And all things considered this is probably for the best.
Acknowledgments: This ficlet would never have been possible were it not for "Victory of the Daleks", so it's not my fault, honest!
Sponsored by: The Zombie Estate of Michael Jackson and their new range of perfumes The Funk of Forty-Thousand Years.

Long long ago, in a dimension not of sight or sound, but of twee... )
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In about 4 hours I shall be off to Bristol, England airport to catch a flight to Glasgow, Scotland

On the 11th of September.


On The 11th of September.



On the plus side I get to sign off with "and if this width is never expanded (that is to say, if this journal has no more posts added to it in future) it is because I exploded."

Maybe I should un-me-lock that crackfic I dropped on Ellis' blog. Nah, last thing I need is to dread surviving the trip.

The upside to not surviving for the rest of you is that I shall not be able to take up Elf's demand for a Titanic/Iceberg crackfic.

If this Width is never expanded, it is because I exploded. G'night.
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I need to say something about the micropenis thing.

First and most importantly the medical condition known as a micropenis is not a "deformity" DDDDX - it's generally a developmental condition, which means that when the penis and male gonads develop during puberty the penis' length does not increase noticably in the way that it usually does for the average man, while the rest of the body does grow. A micropenis then is natural and normal by any sensible definition of such terms, in a way that, say, body peircings aren't. A micropenis is not a thing to be ashamed about really.

And the next thing that should be said is that there was three very good reasons for putting it in there;
This is not just another long numbered list in which I grammar badly, I swear! )
fridgepunk: a subtle reference to the impregnantion of Horse!Loki in norse mythology (Viking Mpreg)
Title: "In Fandom, slashfic writers poll you"
Author: Fridgepunk
Fandom: Cognitive Neuroscience Fanfiction Survey.
Pairing: Dr. Ogi Ogas/Dr. Sai Gaddam, of boston university.
Rating: 18. NC-17. Adult.
Subsidiary fandom: n/a
Category: Real-person slash, for great justice
Length: 4380 characters
Warning: This fiction uses technical medical terms in the midst of overly florid smexy!adjectives, but at least Sai only has the one penis in this version. also; heavy (but tasteful) use of popculture injokes.
Disclaimer: I would need to see Ogi Ogas' penis for special journalistic reasons before I could take any claim or slanderous accusation that the people represented herein are in fact the people represented herein at all seriously.
Acknowledgments: my puny female brain chemistry acknowledges only a neurological imperative to slash!
Intros round: 3,2,1 let's jam!

Darwin disapproves, but is aroused anyway. )

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