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Personal update: trying to get some fics together, I accidentally had to wipe and reinstall my computer after getting into Glasgow, so all my work on my novel are gone, as are my CV, some old course work, the first 6 parts of the DW/TW fanfic I was working on, and the Other original story that I'd gotten half through, and am feeling wiped out from all the hilly walking Glasgow, and the Uni, is requiring of me (I don't think I ever needed to use an elevator while in somerset, but Glasgow Uni apparently had all their buildings designed by physical-disabilities-hating-people - every building is found at the top of a steep hill, the streets are narrow and poorly cobbled, curbs are high, the graduate flats have no elevators and I'm on the fifth floor, and all the good labs are generally between 5 and 10 floors above ground, and you generally have to ascend stairs to get into buildings, because the ground floor is only at ground level on one side of the building).

The views are awesome though - there's a view from the Boyd Orr building, where the Bio department hangs out, where you can see clean all the way past the edge of the city, to the distant misty hills with their Macross Plus style arrangment of windfarms. And hardly any cameras!!!

It's not a bad city as cities go. In fact, I think I'll keep it.

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