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Ben Brown: "But did you say anything or throw anything that might have made the police view you as a threat?"

Jodi McIntyre: "Do you really think that a person with cerebral palsy in a wheelchair could pose a threat to police who are armed and armoured?"

Seriously, the BBC asked a person who had explicitly already mentioned that he cannot move his own wheel chair if he threw something at police, and suggested that he might have been "rolling towards" the policeline, which is about a hundred yards away, and therefore have seemed like a threat that justified being dragged across concrete.

Of note is that if you watch the larger video over at the BBC, watch at 00:28, where you can see one of the police officers who attacked Jodi being pulled away by his jacket by other police officers in the classic "leave him terry he's not worth it!" motion generally reserved for the mates of drunk idiots who've started a fight in a pub.

Ben Brown is of course the reporter who asked protesters on thursday "why are you starting fires? What does that achieve?" to which multiple protesters had to try to explain the concept of it being cold, in parliament square on an unusually cold december evening.

There is at least one petition going round asking for Ben Brown to apologise for his disgraceful behaviour, though emails and phone calls to the BBC would also be nice.
fridgepunk: Queen Elizabeth X of Great Britain, guns akimbo and with the legend "keep calm and carry on" in white. (Keep Calm)
ANOTHER ELECTION POST! Ignore as appropriate.

bascially I found the full text of Clameron's ConDem pact, which can be found here (WARNING: .Doc file), and it's...

Understand that when I said all those nice things about the libdems I was under the misapprehension that Clegg wasn't completely stupid, you see I am good at empathy, and when dealing with people at behavioural level I can make, generally what I find to be quite good predictions, with an accuracy rate that is statistically quite significant.

However, there's some people, some groups that I can't empathise with - I just can't get into their heads, I can't understand where they're coming from, and my predictions are less than useless because the predictions make assumptions that the people I'm trying to second guess have something akin to a reasoning mind, and attempt to model that reasoning mind wrt how it handles inputs from its surrounding environment, and while these sorts of people may have rational minds, they've generally buried them beneath such a deep layer of superstition, privelage and utter utter driveling nonsense that any attempt to model their behaviour that tries to incorporate a level of cognition into the model will end up going off in a completely sensible, completely reasonable looking, and completely WRONG direction. Because ultimately rational thought is not at all apparent in their behaviour nor does it apply to how they make decisions, because they don't think, they know, and they don't need to go beyond what they know to actually evaluate individual situations in an attempt to formulate a rational and sensible response to new situations because they know. And you'd have to know precisely what daft nonsense they were learnt at some earlier point to even begin to guess how these learnings have mutated and are actually informing their behaviour, and you'd have to know all that to a degree of detail that is often impossible to do under idle conditions and this renders attempts to predict their behaviour next to impossible.

Basically what I'm saying is that Nick Clegg is a libertarian. As are his libdem pals in the tory cabinet.

Because that's basically what's in the pact; concessions to a libertarian concept of economics and society, while everything else, STV, trident, amnesty for illegalised peoples, all that is gone. To be fair, ultimately, what most of the pact contains is just utter nonsense, because once you eradicate the non-binding weasel words and "we'll think, then do nothing, about this"s or "we'll work out how to square that horrible oxymoron of a circle later"s what you're actually left with is fuck all. But what is there... But it's big, and it's written in political moon speech, and so needs translation.

Well my original plan for this was to do one big ass post for this, but I didn't realise how big the fucking thing is (and I need to research something harder) so I'm breaking this into at least two parts and doing them in bits.

Below the cut is the beginning of the translation of the pact into english.
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