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Sorry about this, gonna rant a bit about the current continuing SFWA sausagefest, ignore if you quite rightly don't want to have to read anything about this shit, because there's basically nothing new if you've been anywhere near a misogynistic sub-culture, and you have if you've ever been near a sub-culture.


Anyway, the story so far for those who are morbidly curious but know better than to dive into any of this for sensible reasons:

So in the Anti-Life Equation that is the current dystopian panopticon of the United States of America, there is a special writer's association for Science Fiction and Fantasy writers that exists to occasionally provide a means by which SFF writers can have some small chance of paying for any emergency medical care they might require to continuing living, and also to provide a system for tracking and alerting writers of scammers and fraudsters who specifically target SFF writers, because fraud is neither seen as a crime nor a moral failing in the US but getting cancer through no fault of your own IS.

Because SOLE GRATIA, SOLE FIDA, is why.

Anyhoo, like many such professional associations, they put out a regular magazine representing the professional association and its activities and the activities of its members, called in the case of SFWA Bulletin.

This magazine is of course, like all professional magazines, supposed to be bland enough that it offends no one, while providing information that might be useful for people who possess an interest in the activities of the professional association.

It is, in short, a thing that is generally not easy to fuck up.

Cue three issues that managed to be as weirdly and unnecessarily sexist as they were bad, culminating in a declaration by the magazine that sexist weirdos were now akin to troskyists and ordinary people WITH ACTUAL FUCKING BRAINS were all anonymous stalinists who were unfairly purging them.

This in turn has prompted a great many stupid people to start pontificating about how the real problem isn't the sexism, but the girls prompting the sexism, because I think these people are in fact robots designed to spout the same repetitive nonsense when prompted by any stimulus.

Genre dying? "women are the cancer killing the genre!"

Giant shitpile caused by sexists and a few token white supremicists in a writer's association? "Women are just being uppity and causing a fuss over nothing!"

Is it raining? "women are witches who cause inclement weather!"

Bear in mind that this is happening within a genre that prides itself on being "futurist", so while the traditional publishing systems are crumbling around it this genre is debating whether women should be allowed to exist and participate in the genre (like people need your permission). Thus carefully side stepping the real discussion that needs to happen about what can be done when whatever it is that is going to replace the traditional publishing system comes around so that the new system can be built to avoid the problem the last system had, where "literature" was about the "human condition"... unless it was written by black people because that's "black fiction" and segregated from ordinary literature... or if it's written by women because that's "chick lit" and also segregated from ordinary literature...

Similarly, in a month that has seen the revealing of PRISM, a system by which all NATO countries are tracking and examining everyone on earth's telephone conversations and website visits in real time, the genre community is discussing the age old problem of whether "girls" and "ladies" have cooties.

This is what science fiction writers are really talking about rather than what sort of society we'll be living in when everyone on earth has a storage medium the size of a finger nail that can contain the amount of information that GCHQ and the NSA currently need warehouses of servers to store and filter through, and ordinary people have access to decryption and processing power has so surpassed encryption that anyone can view all those files gathered by world governments in real time using a computer the width of a credit card, and in short, discussing what it MEANS to humanity as a whole and people in particular when the inevitable day comes that moore's law finally renders sousveillance more extensive and all seeing than what even Orson Wells' Big Brother was doing in terms of surveillance, and the effect this will have upon the still evolving changes to the notion of "public space" that Twitter and Facebook style platforms have wrought upon even totalitarian China, let alone the supposedly free-er west.

In short, SFF is dying as a genre because the people who consider themselves the gatekeepers of the genre are complete fools who are spending every day of their miserable fuckless lives willfully and with malice aforethought being as completely stupid as they can be. And this is coincidentally the only way it CAN possibly die, and you fuckwits who really still don't get that sexually assaulting and denigrating people in public is completely fucking wrong are all the second biggest fucking jokes on the planet (after Nick Clegg's face; [Q_Q]).

How stupid are some of the alleged "people" in this genre?

I have a little experience of [science fiction romance], having written "real" sci-fi... and the romance sort, and as a result of that, I can say pretty confidently that we're not generally talking about sci-fi novels with a little romance here. We're talking about romance novels with a few new sets and ideas thrown in to keep them interesting.

Or to translate that into english from the original Stupid-mother-fuckerese: "I wrote a romance novel that wasn't up to my own personal standards for what that sub-genre should be like, and while I can conceive of better examples of the sub-genre, my terrible, sub-par contribution to the sub-genre is what I'm going to assume is representative of as-yet-unwritten books by other writers in that sub-genre."

Bear in mind that this fart-brained baboon is fortune-telling and treating it like a sound basis for an argument against anything - newsflash! That's not how RHETORIC works - but even ignoring that and the AY-MAY-ZING narccissism and lack of self-awareness once you get past that...

THIS IS SCIENCE FICTION! You know what science fiction was like back during the "Golden Age"? Respected writers would literally write a western story about californian claim jumpers, and if they couldn't sell it to a western short fiction market they would then cross the word "horse" out, and replace it with the word "spaceship" and suddenly they'd have a SF story about asteroid claim jumpers! WHICH WOULD THEN GET ACCEPTED BY THE SF MAGAZINES!

SF is not a genre of high standards and proud traditions, it is an ocean of literary piss! But the thing you're supposed to do when presented with an ocean of piss is to try and construct a ship of bouyant awesomness and do your damndest to sail it off into the yellow sunset. You might not make it all the way, but goddammit you will have given it your best shot.

What you don't do with a sea of piss is cry; "POSITIVE BOUYANCY IS A MYTH!" like this bozo and his ilk who have the gall to then point to their own turd-submarines to back their assertions up.

Case in point and tying this into the whole PRISM thing: What effect would it have on a relationship if both people involved in it could check each other's recent internet browsing history at a swipe of a cardphone screen?

Or how do you handle infidelity if your phone/skype records are publically available to your spouse or fiancé or even your spouse's bit on the side that you don't know about?

This is why I'm so incensed by these twits; Romance is the genre that explores that aspect of humanity that is involved in yes, romance, but also ultimately all other kinds of human relationships because those ultimately feed into romance and other forms of non-filial and non-platonic love, and the interactions and connection people make between themselves in these ways is one of those things that SF tends to deal with - it's why science fiction has a rather large mystery and police procedural sub-genre because that sub-genre tends to provide a structure that allows a central veiwpoint character to explore a bunch of social connections and institutions via a narrative structure that is flexible and familiar enough to readers to not get in the way of the story.

And the largest changes that are taking place RIGHT NOW are all centered around how people interrelate and interact with each other, more so than procedurals and mysteries, romance is a damn good structure to explore the speculative sociology that SF really should be trying to explore.

Romance in science fiction need be nothing more than that; a tool, a structure that a writer can use to explore relationships and characters within the context of their setting, and this is what ALL sub-genres in science fiction are.

And at the same time, Science Fictional Romance can be oh so much more, if we just dare to make a ship rather than complain about how damp our socks are getting.
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