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Kary English has thrown down a challenge to people (memetic prophylactic warning: Kary English is herself a bit of a nitwit AND THEN WILL SHETTERLY APPEARS IN THE COMMENTS WTF!? you have been warned):

I don’t see a lot of anger directed at, say, Jim Butcher, who is a high status monkey – er, individual. ;) Or at Kevin J. Anderson, also a successful, high status person. No, Jim and Kevin wouldn’t make good targets for displacement.

So all those people out there with long pent up criticisms of Jim Butcher's weird misogyny, sexism and subtle racism and anyone who wants to bitch about exactly how consistently terrible Kevin J. Anderson's writing is in all respects, feel free to do so at Kary English's behest, because she's been fiddling with her googles so hard they fell off, the poor thing.

I'd ACTUALLY love to drop a link here to the Requires Only That You Hate review of Butcher's Stormfront. Because regardless of whatever else she's done, RequiresHate's reviews were damn good. But Benjanun has blocked the Wayback Machine with her old site's Robots.txt file, again, so no dice.


Did find this one by Ronan Wills that's really on point and gets to the heart of the problems with the Dresden Files books.

It is really insulting and daft to honestly assert as true the notion that NO ONE has criticised the Great and Powerful Jim Butcher and Kary English can go fuck herself for not granting her critics the decency of honestly disagreeing with the words she wrote, and instead sticking a pole up Freud's long dead corpse and misusing the concept of "displacement" instead. No deary, It's not displacement, we're angry because of those WORDS that you WROTE, because you're a WRITER, of WORDS, that make us ANGRY. This is not a hard idea, stop overthinking things.

I'd also like it noted that Butcher's first novel was called "Storm Front", and that in this whole sordid affair he's currently associated, by dint of inclusion on the Sad Puppies 3 vote slate, with neofascist white supremicists from white supremicist website "stormfront". It's like poetry innawai.

For Kevin J. Anderson I simply point to his Star Wars EU novel "Darksaber". That novel, in the huge pile of crap that often were the Star Wars EU novels, is infamously bad in the way that the Voyager episode with Warp 10 that ended with Paris and Janeway devolving into lizards and having lizard babies was. For all that Star Wars EU fans will have grumbles and complaints about the general direction of the overall meta-plots in the EU stories, when you press any of them on which particular book was the worst book out of them all, they will almost always say "Kevin J Anderson's Darksaber", because Kevin J Anderson is just that bad of a writer. Then he did those shitty Dune Prequels and Sequels, and the rest isn't even history yet.

If you're not familiar with Kary English, she has the Ignoble honor of being one of the Sad Puppies 3 nominations for the Joseph Campbell Award (AKA The Not-A-Hugo Award). Remember folks who might have dealings with Brad R. Torgesen; If you know him too well he will mock your writing and spit in your face by putting you on a slate with Kevin J. Anderson. And he'll act like he's doing you a favor as he insults you too! What a nice guy.

If you're not familiar with the Sad Puppies and the whole disgusting mess they've left on fandom's carpet then the best quick and dirty summary of the fiasco itself I've seen is this Naomi Kritzer post on the subject. That post, by the way, lays out quite exhaustively the large amount of planning and coordination between the so called Rabid Puppies and Sad Puppies, that makes the current fictive seperation the Sad Puppies are claiming between SP3 and RP1 especially sad and pathetic - The piece especially goes into detail about the close cooperation and seeming friendship between Brad R Torgesen and overt white supremicist and neo-nazi/dominionist Theodore "Vox Day" Beale.

Beale himself and his many moments of nonsensical barbarism are exhaustively summed up by this piece by Philip Sandifer I saw via Cherryh's blog. The Sandifer piece is hyperlinked fairly well, so if you want just a list of monstrous things VD has said, follow this link instead. elsewise read the whole thing, it's fascinating and the last part is titled after a quote from a Janelle Monae song, so it can't be bad.

It does do one thing I do consider a mistake; namely it tries to add unearned and non-existent gravitas to the eternally sad and pathetic figure of Theodore "Vox Day" Beale. This is a guy with access to a few million dollars and who, throughout his entire life has been able to score gigs and opportunities due to his family connections in the publishing and entertainment businesses. Now and finally, after fucking up literally every single unearned opportunity He has ever been given, he's finally arrived in the hilarious position where he's arguing that there is an elaborate conspiracy of bookish nerds persecuting and censoring him.

It is said that oftentimes you can judge a man by the quality of his enemies, and VD's greatest nemesis is John Scalzi; A former advertising man turned SF novelist.

Make of that as you will.

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