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Mr Hofmann said the software would help automate more of the process.

"We want investigators to spend more time looking at the new material, instead of looking at the same images over and over again," he explained.

Being snarky in taking that out of context, but it does mention that this Child Abuse Image Database (CAID) is a rehash of the Childbase system from 2003:

A similar system, called Childbase, was launched in 2003 by Ceop and the Home Office.

It contained seven million images and used ground-breaking facial-recognition software.

It was rolled out to police forces across the UK, but in 2011 it was switched off.

Sharon Girling received an OBE for her work on the scheme. She believes it failed because of a lack of trained officers.

"We have increased numbers of offenders since 2011. How the heck are we going to get sufficient officers today?"

She fears that Caid may "fizzle out" unless it is properly resourced.

"Childbase ceased to exist because of a lack of resources, because there weren't sufficient officers."

"I can only see that happening again with Caid, as much as I don't want that to happen, I fear that it may well do".

The idea that the Police honestly don't even have the equivalent of reverse image search for all their kiddy porn is kinda bizarre, as is the idea that it needs especially "trained" officers to use the thing. And adding to the bizarreness is that they'd implement it so it used regular officers rather than having a system like for the dispatch boards where it's not regular police officers operating the bloody thing but people who's job is to do nothing but operate it is equally bizarre, if only because it means it'd be very easy for a handful of coppers to shut down an abuse investigation by just going; "Yeah, checked the harddrive against CAID and got a green light, no kiddy porn there" rather than bagging up the hardrive and sending it to the computers division for analysis.

Evidence is one of those things you don't want being analysed in house by police after all, you want it bagged up, sent off to experts rather than... well, rather than coppers, for examination, if only to keep them honest and stop them from cleaning blood of guns before sending it to the ballstics lab ala the Ferguson PD, but also seriously to minimise the risk of accidental fouling of the evidence by incompetent handling.
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Ben Brown: "But did you say anything or throw anything that might have made the police view you as a threat?"

Jodi McIntyre: "Do you really think that a person with cerebral palsy in a wheelchair could pose a threat to police who are armed and armoured?"

Seriously, the BBC asked a person who had explicitly already mentioned that he cannot move his own wheel chair if he threw something at police, and suggested that he might have been "rolling towards" the policeline, which is about a hundred yards away, and therefore have seemed like a threat that justified being dragged across concrete.

Of note is that if you watch the larger video over at the BBC, watch at 00:28, where you can see one of the police officers who attacked Jodi being pulled away by his jacket by other police officers in the classic "leave him terry he's not worth it!" motion generally reserved for the mates of drunk idiots who've started a fight in a pub.

Ben Brown is of course the reporter who asked protesters on thursday "why are you starting fires? What does that achieve?" to which multiple protesters had to try to explain the concept of it being cold, in parliament square on an unusually cold december evening.

There is at least one petition going round asking for Ben Brown to apologise for his disgraceful behaviour, though emails and phone calls to the BBC would also be nice.
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So the tax payer funded couple who's tax payer funded wedding saw protesters standing outside the chapel and booing them, came faced to face with the dick-head children of Pink Floyd last thursday, who chanted "off with their heads!" at the couple, as the couple were driven by a tax payer funded driver on the way to a show that they paid for with tax payer money, all of which led to these wonderful paragraphs fronting this BBC article:

Home Secretary Theresa May has confirmed there was "contact" between the Duchess of Cornwall and one of the protesters who attacked her car.

But she did not confirm reports the duchess was poked with a stick during student protests on Thursday.
Theresa May can neither confirm or deny pokings with sticks, will admit to "contact". Right.

All of which actually sounds dirtier than a straight stick poking imho.

And with talk in the media about how close the royal guard came to doing the world a favour and shooting the dick-head children of pink floyd, we find out that the police are quite willing to threaten to shoot twelve year olds who talk on facebook about staging a peaceful protest outside Clameron's offices:

Speaking to the Guardian, Nicky Wishart said: "In my lesson, [a school secretary] came and said my head of year wanted to talk to me. She was in her office with a police officer who wanted to talk to me about the protest. He said, 'if a riot breaks out we will arrest people and if anything happens you will get arrested because you are the organiser'.

"He said even if I didn't turn up I would be arrested and he also said that if David Cameron was in, his armed officers will be there 'so if anything out of line happens ...' and then he stopped."

The Police want to protect your children... from the police.

Speaking of protests against hte government, you've probably already heard about Alfie Meadows, who was hit so hard on the head by police, who'd instigated a pre-emptive kettle of protesters the moment they entered parliament square last thursday, that he suffered a mild stroke and was taken to the nearest hospital where he received treatment fast enough to avoid any lasting injury.

Well the police objected to him being treated and tried to send him to another hospital because the Mole-People that the MET recruits from are very territorial (hence why they smell of piss – the instinct to mark their territory clashes horribly with their difficulties in grasping the concept of "trousers"), which could have conceivably killed Alfie and definitely would have left him severely paralyzed for the rest of his life:

Susan Matthews, 55, said that only the intervention of an ambulance worker allowed her son to receive urgent medical treatment for the stroke he suffered after receiving his injury. "If he hadn't, Alfie would have been transferred and he could have died," she said.

After allegedly being hit by police, the philosophy student fell unconscious and later sustained bleeding on the brain.

His mother added: "The ambulance man took us to Chelsea and Westminster hospital. That [hospital] had been given over to police injuries and there was a standoff in the corridor. Alfie was obviously a protester and the police didn't want him there, but the ambulance man insisted that he stayed."

She said that he was then asked to take Alfie to another hospital. "The ambulance man was appalled and he said: 'I'm getting angry now, and I'm not going to do this.'

"The senior nurse in charge took us into a resuscitation room to keep us away from the police because, she said, they were finding it upsetting to see protesters in the hospital."

This comes on the tail of multiple reports of the police assaulting an Activist/Journalist PWD, Laurie Penny's account being the most concise and vivid:Cut for violence against PWD )
Of course it'll be easy to find the MET bastards responsible for all this violence because they will all have been wearing their badges and officer numbers prominently, especially after the shambles that was the last G20 summit in London that saw an illegally unbadged police officer kill a person, right?

Of course not.

This is what Clegg and Clameron's concept of "fairness" looks like, a concept of fairness that has, in the few months they've had this piss take of a government in operation, driven people to thwarting every measure the police use to stop them from voicing their protests against this abuse of their votes and their futures, and who have responded to being unlawfully detained in ice cold conditions while being intermittently assaulted by police officers by smashing up the buildings and property that their tax monies have bought.

This is far from over, and from here the heat increases for these bullington club bastards who are keeping the terror state that New Labour built and smashing the society that even New Labour didn't try to destroy this thoroughly, and making New Labour look competent and respectful of law, order and human rights in the process.

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