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I need to say something about the micropenis thing.

First and most importantly the medical condition known as a micropenis is not a "deformity" DDDDX - it's generally a developmental condition, which means that when the penis and male gonads develop during puberty the penis' length does not increase noticably in the way that it usually does for the average man, while the rest of the body does grow. A micropenis then is natural and normal by any sensible definition of such terms, in a way that, say, body peircings aren't. A micropenis is not a thing to be ashamed about really.

And the next thing that should be said is that there was three very good reasons for putting it in there;

The first is that, as with the entire rest of the fic, it would piss off Ogi, and it wold also make Sai laugh at Ogi because it came immediately after implying that Sai was into icky gay chik-lit like wuthering heights, so Ogi would go *sporfle*, then it would be revealed that Ogi has a tiny nob and Sai would be the one sporfling at Ogi's expense (and then sai would eat off Ogi and they'd both sort of be like "...wut?").

Note the term "piss off", rather than "humiliate"; the implication that there is an elaborate misandrist system of oppression that would make a RPS aimed at heterosexual men as humiliating as a RPS slashfic "aimed" at a woman is interesting, but also silly and made entirely of lies and hitler. Society considers male sexual anxiety to be Teh Most Important Thing In The World and the potential loss of a man's manhood to be even worse than breast feeding, let alone rape or murder. And it's anger that is preconditioned into men unless you routinely respond to finding yourself embarassed in public by murdering all the witnesses and mutilating their bodies.

Please don't tell me if you responded to that with "well yes, actually."

The actually REAL elaborate societal system of misogynistic oppression is why I generally don't like RPF; most of the ones I come across are aimed at women, of the "omg paris hilton/britany spears/amy winehouse are whores who need to be put into their place" kind. Not enough DIAF in the world really for that stuff.

The second reason for giving Ogi a micropenis was because the concept that a small penis is not in and of itself hawt is a culturally bound concept - as the title should imply, the ancient greeks considered pron involving small nobs to be normative and used over sized genitalia as a symbol of the beastial and uncivilised and generally was just DO NOT WANT about that sort of thing. This means that the very act of pissing off Ogi also undermined his central premise that kink is biologically rather than culturally bound; as Plato would have been complimented by having it implied he had a small penis - so half assed biological reductionism is not the primary shaper of Kink then, and Ogi's subcorticals can go fuck the sex pollen and other nonsensical handwaves that litter fandom like wild and smexy tumbleweeds.

The third, final, and least important, reason was just because the entire fic was constructed out of the bad cliches of slashficdom, and one such cliche is found in fics where a female character suddenly is revealed to have a penis - the character will then be all coy and embarassed by it, and the other character who has had the penis revealed unto them will respond in a reassuring way about the penis. There is also a chekov/sulu fic in which Chekov "HAS to be embarassed about [having a small penis]", which I didn't... quite... manage to reference (it was 5 am at that point and I wanted to sleep - no time for polishing really).

To do that with two men involves one of them having something to potentially be embarassed about which the other guy can then be totally fine about and for the fic in general to treat as perfectly okay in general and not a serious obstacle to teh sexxorz - the micropenis in the context of the fic then subverts the very male performance anxiety and inferiority complexes that it is also using to tweak Ogi/Sai's noses.

And using a micropenis to tweak someone's nose is a very weird mental image indeed.

sweet dreams xxx.

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