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What does it say about the universe we live in that there exists a mutation that gives certain black & white cats a fur pattern that looks almost exactly like hitler's lopsided hair-cut + hitler-tache?

Unless either a group of mad nazi scientists (or the cats themselves) have been responsible for a secret cat-eugenics program to breed a better Kitler in the years since ww2,

which isn't entirely that far fetched, except neither cats nor nazi scientists are especially known for their ability to follow through with their elaborate schemes (only 10 million dead over 4 years nazi scientists? And you still lost? Apparently we never bombed Germany's weak sauce factories...).

...So we're left with two possibilities:

We just happen to live in a universe where not only did life arise, but so did cats that look faintly like hitler do, by random chance, within the time span where "cats that look like hitler" makes any sort of sense in a socio/psychological sense.

Or God thought cats that look like hitler would be funny and spontaneously generated the damn things.

Neither fills me with a great deal of hope.

However this transvestite thief from the 16th and 17th century does, I give you: Mary Frith,
Mary presented herself in public in a doublet and baggy breeches, smoking a pipe, and swearing, if she felt like it. )

...And that, and all the other cross dressing, gender-fuck women in history starts to give us a very interesting archetype to play around with

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