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Scotland has managed to return their one and only Tory MP, and left only one libdem and one Labour MP.

In Scotland's defense, that seems to have only happened because the scottish labour voters acted as a spoiler for the SNP vote allowing the Tory MP to sneak back in.

As of right fucking now there's 17 seats left to declare and the tories are 8 seats from a barest of slim majorities.

This means a few things:

One, the country is a little bit fucked, as in we may exit the EU which would have the glorious effect of crashing our economy as the rest of europe shuts us out of 90% of our foreign trade.

Two, the anti-blairite wing (i.e. the lefter wing) of the labour party has effectively lost this election, and thus there's going to be a return of the Torier-than-thou Mandelson types to power in the Labour party (AKA the bit of the party that tried to hound Mo Mowlem out of the party by spreading rumors that her brain cancer was affecting her judgement), which means the main opposition is effectively Charybdis to the Tories' Scylla at this point.

Even worse than that is that it'll be fairly easy for Labour to win the next election - the electoral tea leaves can more easily tell where UKIP or the SNP are going to have major effects on the vote, and you're not going to have as strong a Libdem presence next time now they're a distant 4th party in UK politics, they were coasting on inertia as it wasn't entirely clear that it was going to be a choice between Labour or the Tories in a lot of the old Lib Dem seats, so they were spoiling Labour's vote more than they are likely to next time. Which given how close a lot of the Tory wins this time were and how slim their majority can be, means that Labour should be fairly easily able to get a majority next time, even if their leader is an actual toad, or Nigel Farage (but I repeat myself).

Find a comfortable crash helmet, because you're gonna need to wear it for the next decade, at least.
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