26 September 2012

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From the official livejournal account of Dragon*Con, the con co-founded by a serial pedophile who is still using his connections with Dragon*Con and the money he gets from Dragon*Con attendance fees to enable his continued molestation of child actors (trigger warnings on that link), takes a bold stance against... the backup project? (Trigger warning on the comments, obviously)

Dragon*Con has become aware of a potentially dangerous situation involving a self-started project that provides ribbons for fans identifying themselves as people who are able and willing to help another fan in the event assistance of any sort is needed in a difficult situation. While we absolutely believe that the creation of this movement was done with the best intentions to protect fans, we feel that it presents a possibility for a person coming in as a "wolf in sheep's clothing," perhaps luring someone in distress to an even more dangerous situation. Providing a ribbon for someone to wear to give them any type of "official" sanction when no screening has taken place is quite frankly, scary to us.

Of course he's missed out the much greater threat, of a giant ontological death spiral as the as yet non-existent creepy backup projectors lead to a backup-backup project that itself attracts creepers, requiring ever more backup projects until eventually a significant enough fraction of the human race ends having to use all their resources just to operate backup-backup-backup projects, at which point human civilisation as we know it will surely grind to a halt and our species as a whole will go extinct!

Which is no less silly a threat than the backup project in general is. Bearing in mind that paying money to Dragon*Con really does mean your money is going to be used by a serial pedophile to continue to molest children (which means the real problem with a backup project at dragon*con is that it might lead to more people being able to go to Dragon*Con, which is terrible).

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