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An excerpt from a 1993 edition of B.S. Beckett's (1981) Illustrated Human and Social Biology (an entry level/GCSE level text book I bought because 1, it cost £0.20p and 2, I didn't look inside and saw the words "social biology" and assumed it'd be about socbio, rather than what ever you'd call this general biology textbook.

BUT!!! Despite being completly useless to me (niece will find it useful, probably) it has a page entitled "The National Health Service".

Some people may find this section informative.

The British National Health Service began operating in July 1948. Its aim is to provide 'a comprehensive medical service to secure improvement in the physical and mental health of the people, and the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of illness'.

The National Health Service is provided by the Department of Health and Social Security and led by an elected Member of Parliament, the Secretary of State, who is helped by a team of civil servants. The Service is paid for mainly out of taxes together with contributions paid by employers, and by employees according to their income, plus separate charges for prescriptions and dental and optical services.

"And the camera pans back as if to say; sorry about this folks."
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