Date: 2011-07-07 02:19 am (UTC)
fridgepunk: Queen Elizabeth X of Great Britain, guns akimbo and with the legend "keep calm and carry on" in white. (Keep Calm)
From: [personal profile] fridgepunk
Well the thing is that fandom isn't what he needs to worry about really.

Think about it like this: If his plan had gone on without a massive fandom backlash, he'd have ended up creating a single archive which would on the one hand have fluffy pooh fics aimed at drawing in the eyeballs of minor children, and on the other hand hardcore explicit vampire sex shipfics/gay elven pr0n. And the site would have been structured in a way to synergistically accentuate the core connectivity of web 2.0 functionality I.E. fuck all in the way of age restriction click throughs.

Now remember that this would have been an archive owned and run by a UK based company and accessible in the UK, and thus subject to UK criminal obscenity laws (which we still have apparently) that take a dim view of anything that could "corrupt" the minds of the innocent/young.

Essentially he's at the stage of a property developer who was about to start laying down the foundations for a luxury casino on a minefield that was owned by the Ministry of Defence, the deed to which land he bought off this really friendly guy in a pub* for far less than it truly seemed to be worth. But he's now been stopped by a band of soldiers who've come to inform him that, for his own sake, he might want to consider writing it all off for a loss and not digging into soil filled with sensitive and armed high explosive anti-personnel devices for his own sake, if not for the sake of the soldiers who might get hit by the shrapnel from the mines.

And he's gone silent and stopped waving the shovel about, which is good... but he's not put the shovel away and walked off, which is less good. Now only time will tell if any experiments in the shovel/landmine pairing will take place in the future.

It also bears mentioning that Twilight fandom hasn't yet gotten really involved in this. I fear "yet" will turn out to be the operative word. Just thank god that he didn't touch a Harry Potter archive though.

* no slur on the original archive owner is intended here – they seem to have accidentally taken advantage of SaruMander's cupidity, while SaruMander was in turn under the mistaken impression that he was swindling them. It's like some Moist Von Lipwig wannabe has wandered in and convinced a person who genuinely thought they had a high priced diamond ring, that their ring was actually a glass fake that was worth only a tiny fraction of a diamond ring, only for the Lipwig-wannabe to discover that it really was a glass fake that in reality is worth less than they actually paid for it, cue the Lipwig-Wannabe experiencing baclava and the other stages of grief....
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