22 October 2009

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Oh gaaaawd, at lunch today I was feeling anti-social so went up to the quiet study area of GlasUni's EPIC 12 floor library to just sit quietly and read some more of Stephen Baxter's Exultant - not a bad book, though it's remarkable the really stupid conclusions people come to in it every now and again ("men living with their parents after adolescence + a few thousand years = Eusociality", apparently) but not as bad or racist or crazy pants as I'd been led to believe all of baxter's books were.

The slight trouble i had this lunchtime though was that I had forgotten the damn book, but I'm in a library right? So not a problem, just go to the stacks, see if there's anything interesting there.

I immediately find James H. Macleod's A Method of Proctocology, and remembered that question from the surveyfail poll about "doing research for slash" and thoght, fuck it, the worst that'll happen is that I'll be grossed out, so I take it down with the intent of making some notes about the (occasionally impacted) subject matter.

This is what my page of notes look like:
DADA Cat is in a handbag? bOOM bOOM like a duck! )

you can't tell I have a head cold that is making thinking a somewhat laborous activity can you?

Though seriously, if you want to know the correct way of sticking various things up people's bums it's a book worth buying - the diagrams made me loudly snort laugh but are very instructive and well explained by the book's text.

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