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Dear Former Bullington Club Member David Cameron,

I know you, like many changelings, experience troubles when it comes to communicating via the expiration of air through a larynx, used as you are to communicating via the great link. And I know that, obviously, the various words used to describe experiences conveyed via the limited senses of us solids outside of the great link can be a bit tricky to get right.

At the same time this does not really excuse you declaring that you could;

"see a line, a thin blue line of extremely brave police officers, trying to hold back a bunch of people who were intent on violence and destruction.

"They were very brave those police officers, but as the police themselves have said there weren't enough of them and the police response needs to reflect that, so I'm very glad that the Met Police commissioner has said what he said."

For starters, you were in china, distant from the protests by several thousand miles. While I get that the senses of solids can be confuddling to one more used to the great link they do not convey fucking omniscience, nor was there any live feeds regarding the protests on the telly.

So no, Former Bullington Club Member David Cameron, you did not "see" a "thin blue line" (should be "dayglow yellow streak" btw), any more than you "saw" this streak of yellow "try" to "hold back" a bunch of people who were intent on violence.

here is a picture to emphasise what I'm saying:edumacational picture below the cut, WARNING: may contain photojournalists )

So please excuse me if I refuse to find the idea of vandalism very shocking, and excuse me if I am unable to congratulate the police on "doing" a "tough job".

Because "arresting students for doing illegal things" is not a hard job, and it's not even a job they've actually done, and it seems that the best place to be at a protest and the best activity to engage in at one, if one's sole wish is to not be arrested, is to be involved in the bit of the protest that engages in the most reprehensible acts, as protesting peacably in a way that involves you violating no laws will ensure arrest while the obligate kitten felchers who plant explosives beneath parliament after setting fire to her majesty's ships while they're in dock who are holding ten foot wide signs displaying signed confessions to said acts of treason, arson, terrorism and animal abuse on them, some how are rendered beyond the reach of law.

Maybe to a former member of the bullington club such an out and out inversion of what constitutes the police's legal duty as policeofficers looks like a good thing.

You are wrong.

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