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Ben Brown: "But did you say anything or throw anything that might have made the police view you as a threat?"

Jodi McIntyre: "Do you really think that a person with cerebral palsy in a wheelchair could pose a threat to police who are armed and armoured?"

Seriously, the BBC asked a person who had explicitly already mentioned that he cannot move his own wheel chair if he threw something at police, and suggested that he might have been "rolling towards" the policeline, which is about a hundred yards away, and therefore have seemed like a threat that justified being dragged across concrete.

Of note is that if you watch the larger video over at the BBC, watch at 00:28, where you can see one of the police officers who attacked Jodi being pulled away by his jacket by other police officers in the classic "leave him terry he's not worth it!" motion generally reserved for the mates of drunk idiots who've started a fight in a pub.

Ben Brown is of course the reporter who asked protesters on thursday "why are you starting fires? What does that achieve?" to which multiple protesters had to try to explain the concept of it being cold, in parliament square on an unusually cold december evening.

There is at least one petition going round asking for Ben Brown to apologise for his disgraceful behaviour, though emails and phone calls to the BBC would also be nice.
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FailBender is turning into the Dune-of-this-generation, RaceBending has a list of the changes between series and movie. Note how scenes that should have involved female characters having some sort of power or actiony involvement in the plot have been either removed or truncated into the equivalent of them tripping on a tree root and spraining their ankle.

Though I have to point out that the racebender community has turned out to have been quite unfair - by all accounts, Shyamalan embraced diversity to the point of hiring both bad AND mediocre actors for the movie, and then proceeded to direct them in such a cack-handed fashion that even the tiny minority of good actors in the movie were unable to shine through the murky post-production effects and bad scriptwriting. Which is really going above and beyond as far as diverse casting decisions go, and thereby invalidates all criticisms of the casting along diversity grounds. /tongue in cheek

Remember of course that Shyamalan defended the casting decision by stating that they hired the best possible actors, who coincidentally happened to all be white. The "good" news is that the casting seems to have been so bad that that defense is equally offensive and insulting to white and non-white actors alike. So I await the inevitable tarring and feathering that'll proceed Shyamalan being run out of Hollywood on a rail held aloft by crowds of insulted child actors.

In less schadenfreudean news, BP or British Agnes Petroleum (to use their sunday name) have begun their next phase of being a Captain Planet villain by setting fire to endangered sea turtles as part of their "clean up" scheme. Note that said clean up scheme isn't very effect, nor does deep ocean frying turtles make it somehow more effective than it would otherwise be.
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I woke up this morning to find my note pad, onto which random plot ideas and story concepts have been finding their way, covered with a picture of a person striding, and branching off of this figure is the phrase "homeless people - ideal advertising boards?" and on the next page I've scrawled, in almost illegible writing: "Is fucking a headless chicken neccesarily wrong? Not a dead chicken but one that was still running about like"

wtf was I doing last night!?

So take these two images in the spirit of a brain that is clearly collapsing in upon itself from fic writing or midget sniffing or Something:

My conjection as to The Bastard Fucking Palmer's daft thought processes when planning her new and most douchbaggy of albums:Cut for possibly offensive spider diagrams, and an image )
As a personal rule, I consider anything that is looked back on as "One Of The Reasons Why The 19th Century Was Horrible And Things Have Gotten Better Since Because People Don't Do That Sort Of Thing Anymore" something to never ever be repeated, this includes freakshows, bear baiting and turning mental hospitals into Museums Of The Insane.

Oh right, it's not a real freakshow, it's only a simulated Thing That Makes The Whole Human Race Slightly Less Well Off. Go fuck a headless chicken Palmer.Cut for image width and liefeldian bosoms in the number 5 )


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